Heart of Darkness

Great Stories in Discovery Education

Character Identification
1. Students must be able to identify major characters in relation to how they are described in the text.
2. Character can be identified by their roles, assistant manager, accountant, brick maker, etc., or by generic identifications such as "the two women typing at headquarters."
3. If the character is relevant to the text and either contributes toward the action or creates a foil for others, they are important.
4. Details matter.
Key Details
Use your summaries, notes, and close-reading as you plan your learning for Heart of Darkness
Students must be able to understand and identify true statements regarding:
1. Marlow's journey throughout the text.
2. Marlow's interests
3. Marlow's belief system
4. Specific details from the text based upon close-reading
5. Marlow's relationship with characters and their connection to the plot
6. Kurtz' interaction with others and key details from the same
7. Facts about Marlow's interaction with others and details surrounding events involving the same characters
8. Observations from the narrator about others, i.e., pilgrims, the black woman, the fiancée, etc.
Students will select the correct response from a variety of answers surrounding:
1. Major/minor characters and interactions, events, and the narrator's observations.
2. Language used by the characters and a contextual understanding of the short novel.