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Tyler Bradshaw -
This ad is connotative since it is sending the message that everyone is crazy about Doritos.
Doritos Ad

Natalie Truby--
This ad is connotative in which it implies that whatever your skin color is, everyone has a heart and deserves to be treated equally. It's denotative meaning is that no matter your skin color, everyone's heart literally has the same appearance.

Amelia Gilchrist
The connotative meaning is that talking on the phone with someone while they are driving could be deadly. The denotative meaning is that you shouldn't talk on the phone with someone who is driving.
Isabella Solarez
This pretzel add appeals to people's want to be thin and their want for good food. This is an example of connotation because it implies that you can stay thin while eating it.

Mollie Winstead:
This Cover Girl add is an example of connotation because it implies the fact that if you use Cover Girl products you will be "easy breezy and beautiful". Cover Girl has been using these three simple words with various celebrities for years to advertise for their company.

Xavier Harrison:

(Connotation) The ad implies that by drinking pomegranate juice, you are cheating death.
external image pom_cheat_death.jpg

This represents denotation because Jenny Craig explains on how you can lose weight.

Cole Gregson

This Brooks Brothers commercial depicts a regal, elegant and fantastical lifestyle, large Cape home on the water, friends dressed in "casual dress" attire (probably cost them a large penny) but no words are spoken in this commercial. In essence, the connotation of this commercial is that if you buy your clothes from Brooks Brothers, you will be able to experience this kind of lifestyle and your clothes will show for it.

Joyce Costa
This is a representation of connotation because it implies that drinking Starbucks coffee makes you the best person that you can be because it is inspiring in taste.

Emily White:
Connotation: This is an example of connotation because it implies the fact that texting while driving kills without explicitly stating it.
external image Do-not-text-and-drive-ad-2.jpg

Fitz Flood
external image wwf.jpg
Karrie Parrish
This Sun Drop commercial gives one the impression that drinking Sun Drop will turn them into a booty-popping dance star; this is the connotative meaning. Really the denotation is that Sun Drop is a soda and it's a pun for "Drop it like it's hot"

Leigh Ramsey
This Doritos commercial is an example of connotation because it implies that Doritos brings life to everything, including the party.

Alexis Baker-5th Period
This pictures represents denotation when he says "iDOEVERYTHING so that human interaction is no longer necessary." This has a literal meaning of technology lowering the amount of human interactions we have. The connotation, or hidden meaning, of this picture is that smartphones will eventually become just as harmful as cigarette, and that our whole world will be operated by technology.

KATIE JOHNSON: The connotation is that you're only cool and fitting in if you play, the denotation is that a lot of people play the game many ways.

Clara Dawson

Katherine Kivett
This is denotation because it specifically tells you to not drink and drive.
This is connotation because it implies what will happen if you do drink and drive.
Grace Arnett: Denotation is a man has wrinkles and the connotation is that children give people wrinkles
external image nivea_20150527143156.jpg
Maddy Meyerhoffer This is connotation because it implies that people eating a Kit Kats during their break at work will make them feel less stressed out and more happy.

Maddy Meyerhoffer This is denotation since it tells you how Allegra works for allergy symptoms and tells you how long it takes for the medicine to kick in.

Perla Salazar (videos of Capri Sun commercial and commercial for weight loss)
Connotation; The Capri Sun commercial's connotation is that if you drink Capri Sun, you will have fun playing outside and enjoy your summer.

Denotation; If you wear the Slim Band while you eat, you should be able to lose weight over time.

Aliute Udoka
Connotation- That if you are hungry, you consume a Snickers bar and all will be resolved.
Denotation- That when one is starving they do not tend to act like their usual selves, instead they tend to resemble the elderly and this cannot be resolved until they eat a Snickers bar.

Kelly Arce
The connotation is that they have a dirty mouth, because of their foul language which can be resolved by chewing Orbit. The denotation would be "cleaning" their dirty mouths by chewing orbit.

Jesse Maltby
Here we see an advertisement from the mid 50's promoting camel cigarettes, a prime display of the effects of connotation on a consumer. Doctors smoke this cigarette "more than any other brand" and doctors are seen as healthy individuals who promote only whats best for the body so therefore these cigarettes must be far more superior!
external image 14.jpgimage.jpeg
Avery Wilson
The conotation of this image is the guilt that the viewer is supposed to feel and the denotation is that the child is actually starving and doesn't have food.

Maraesha Wilson
The connotation of this ad is that all the "rubbish" from parents ends up being a weight for the children.
external image public-awareness-message-cradle-small-73256.jpg