1. Answer as many multiple choice questions as you can in the given time. Ashton Allen
  2. Manage your time as wisely as you can. Briana Livengood
  3. Spend your 15 minutes wisely when planning your essays jeremy nunn
  4. Pace yourself. Don't hurry through the multiple choice. David Warren
  5. Pace yourself when writing your essays. Derrick Greene
  6. Be sure to revert back to what the question asks. (Look for key words like "except" & "most" or "least.") Nicole P.
  7. Read passages thoroughly. jessica trivett
  8. Read each question carefully. Courtney Rains
  9. Have strong vocabulary knowledge- Jillian Sexton
  10. If there is a question you cannot answer immediately, skip it and come back later with fresh eyes. Courtney Lakin
  11. Write clearly and legibly. Wesley Wright
  12. Use an abbreviated outline form to structure your essay but do not outline, Sarah Henderson
  13. Ask yourself are you using the right word such as where and were-Justin Resor
  14. Eat a good breakfast. Brett
  15. Know your literary devices. Ivy Cable
  16. Have at least 10 good vocabulary words on hand. Courtney Coltrane
  17. Read each question more than once -Taylor Turnas
  18. Make sure to analyze the questions, not just the answers. Hannah Hinson
  19. Do not summarize in your essays. analyze! Drake
  20. Don't fall asleep during the middle of the test, tis not wise- Ross Blake
  21. Go to bed early. Chad Mann
  22. Eat breakfast and think on the day while you are eating. Alec Neal
  23. Re-read your essay to check for any errors.-Aaron Rowell
  24. Arrive early the day of the exam and come prepared. -Eric Lagueruela
  25. Skip questions you are unsure of and come back to it later if you have time. Avery Musgrave